Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Camera's Back!

My camera is back! What a great feeling! Now I can go on with life. :)

Yesterday was my first big shop of the week, mostly for our upcoming family reunion. Apricots were on sale!
The summer reading program has started and we made it to the library to stock up on books and turn in the points we already had. Rachel loves to read.
My herbs are looking so wonderful! And the two tomoatoes I have in pots are just flourishing! I have one tomato in the ground and it looks very, very sickly. Sometimes I wish for much better soil.
I'm thinking June is the month for herbs. The rest of the summer it will just be "survive", "survive," with all the heat and dryness.
And here is Baby Cakes who just loves to amuse himself by cooking in the little house.
And now we are off to try and get some housework done which we have been ignoring the last few days by going to the pool, the library, and Auntie C's house.


Jessica said...

it is nice to 'see' you again! i would be lost without my camera. it is amazing what a small distance makes in the way gardens grow. your herbs look lucious..mmm.. i cant wait to hear what you make with them.

Alicia said...

Your herbs look great! Are there particular things you've found that work well? I seem to do well with basil and mint. I know mint likes to be wet and it flourishes. I just took the tops off my 3-4 basil plants because 1) I wanted to use some and 2) so they'll expand more.

What is the herb in front of the nearest tomato plant? Oregano? And in front of the back tomato plant? I know the rest of them.

I could use a bit of your sage in this recipe:

SueJ said...

Glad you are 'in the picture' again. My basil plants are still babies compared to yours!

Alaina said...

Wow - your herbs look great! My basil and lemon basil are doing very poorly but the rest are looking good. I'm glad you got your camera back! Do you want the cooler for the weekend?

Heather said...

I'm glad your camera is back - you take such nice pictures - and your subjects are precious! I thought of you today at Goodwill - I found 2 wool sweaters to felt! The one is a gap mens XXXL cabled pullover in cream - I hated to felt it, but I did - it felted beautifully - so soft and very dense. I found a gap short sleeved fair isle in nature's tans and browns - it felted up nicely too - but my word - it wouldn't fit Babycakes! Fun fun fun!

Your herbs look wonderful - are you drying them for winter time use< or just using them fresh?

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather .. .your pictures are great.. .oh those herbs. . if only you lived next door. . you would have to keep an eye on me, I'd love to pinch off a leaf here and there.