Friday, June 6, 2008

Word Pictures

There were times that I was wishing for my camera yesterday so I could capture:

--the azure blue of the swimming pool and the shimmering sun that made me feel I was far, far away from home

--the kids having a blast splashing in the pool or sitting on its edge getting their toes wet

--my flourishing pots of herbs and the joy they bring sitting in their corner of the back patio

--Baby Cakes occupied in the playhouse, never tiring of "making tea" and playing with water

--Rachel and Andrew bent over their new sewing projects, quilting pictures of birds

--the colors of the leftover papaya salsa as it tumbled over the pork chops before popping it in the oven

I feel like we are now really enjoying summer! I just keep giving thanks to God that I can actually enjoy summer and enjoy the kids this year! I've not had this much energy in so many years and I feel like I'm really able to do some of the fun things kids enjoy now -- like take them to the pool! Yeah!!!

On another note, I made my first sale on Etsy yesterday, which was very exciting. That motivated me to start work on a few more of the double point cases. And, there are some neighborhood garage sales to anticipate this Saturday which I'm so excited about, although the weather is predicted to be rainy. :(

I hope you all enjoy a good weekend!


Mr. Bird said...

Praise God for His continued healing. It is nothing short of amazing.

I loved your word pictures- I could imagine them through your descriptions.

Congrats on your first sale!

Monica said...

That was me:)

southseaislandhome said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better this summer Heather. That's wonderful! I enjoyed reading about all your summery doings too. And congratulations on your sale! Well done!

Michael L. said...

Ah yes -- and that beautiful, bright rainbow out our window, stretching from horizon to horizon during a lull in the storm. Sorry about the camera; hopefully it will be back in commission, soon. =)

Karen Reyburn said...

SO glad to hear how you've been feeling. Praise God for that. And I'm glad you have your camera back now!! It's just not the same blog posting without it, is it?