Monday, April 6, 2009

April Says Yellow -- #2

April daffodils are just so wonderful! I wanted to take a picture outside today of the soft, April snow falling on the brilliant yellow daffies. However, that did not happen.

There are so many, many varieties of daffodils, and it is fun to see new kinds, as well as the old familiar versions. And I just love the sweet scent that hangs in an aura about their cheery faces!

I spent the day helping a friend with sorting and organizing. It was hours and hours of physical work, but it felt good to be so active and make progress.

The rest of the week feels busy, with Easter at the finish. There is school to be taught, shopping to do, soccer, Rosebuds, ballet and Bible study to attend, friends to enjoy and an Easter menu to shop, cook, and serve! I sure do hope the weather picks up for the weekend!


Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
Pretty daffodils! I'd love to see them in the snow.
Don't skip ahead on Monarch of the Glen. It's the first few series that are the best. I stopped watching it around series 4 or 5. It has beautiful scottish scenery.

Mrs J said...

This is the second blog I have read this morning with pictures of spring flowers! At least yours didn't have to come from the supermarket!

I loved ALL of the Monarch of the Glen series, don't skip any!