Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Says Yellow -- #1

I associate yellow with my sister and my sister with April -- somehow they are all wrapped up into one. Christina has an April birthday and we always go to the Art Museum Gardens to enjoy the spring flowers (mostly yellows!).

Yellow is a happy color, something we can all use! Funny that it is the one color I just don't wear (I look horrible in it), but it was my favorite color in childhood.

I hope you all will enjoy a beautiful April and be blessed by many happy thoughts along the way.


Heather said...

Oh Heather - I love yellow too, but never wear it or decorate with it - soft yellows are best! there was a bit of yellow in my grandma's favorite quilt and she loved it! She called happy days 'a patch of yellow' - but the funny thing is she never had one yellow flower in her garden - it was all purples, blues, pinks and white - and I have done the same! Until, last year I found some sweet yellow million bells in a soft shade that I loved ... and now I can't wait to fine more soft yellows for my garden!

Christina said...

Oh, yes. I love yellow! It is such a happy color as you said. I'm glad you associate it with me! =) I'll look forward to your yellow posts! I'm working on a yellow sweater now... when I get the time.