Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Cakes at the Park

It is so much fun to take pictures of David. I collected quite a few at the Art Museum Gardens last week.

He insisted on sitting close to Grandma to enjoy his lunch:

All the while making very cute faces and playing to the camera:

Eating chocolate cake was definately fun:

It was a bit like scooping up dirt and eating it!

Fortunately, there were plenty of wipes.

The most fun of all was playing in the little pond:

Who can resist?As a mother, I try to ask myself before acting, "Is this really dangerous? What would be the worst thing that happens if he really did fall in?"

My mothering instincts told me that any damage would be worth the fun. "Look at my fish, mom," says David:

Yes, the damage was worth the fun.

Try to imagine how hard it was to jump up and run to rescue my baby all the while choking back hysterical laughs and wishing I could have caught it all on video. Let's just say the other adults were having a hard time covering up their laughter too -- picture Baby Cakes falling into the pond, large stick in hand, terrified, but then immediately discovering it was only 6 inches deep and therefore able to stand up right away. The only problem was his hat, which somehow became lodged over his face. Poor thing stood in the murky water in a panic, stick in hand, scared more from the loss of sight than from the fall into the water. He really did look like a Marshwiggle.


Ruth MacC said...

That is so funny Heather! It happened to me once with a friends child in DUblin years ago. We were both watching from a safe distance, saw the whole thing but didn't jump up! What a giggle.

Sean fell into a pond last year but again, it was very shallow and he was so proud!!!

The reason I am here (appart from looking at the great photos you always have on here) is to ask you to pop over to my blog as I have something I hope you may like on it.
It's an award. Just scroll down a bit until you get to Uber Blog Awards.

May God continue to bless you and your family indeed:0)

The syders said...

Oh bless, lol...How cute!
I would just love to have my boys back at that age again...the years just fly by too fast!

Margaret said...

David is such a cutie.

Monica said...

Somehow he looks so much older with the hat on. What a sweetie!

Amy K said...

Cute series of pictures. I love his little flip flops. And I would have loved to see a video of the fall. Someday he'll laugh when you tell him about it.

Christina said...

Oh, David's dunking was so funny. Poor little guy. It was so hard to stop the giggles. He looked so cute...