Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soccer Season

Soccer season has begun! Although, with all the rain we've been having, most of the practice have been cancelled thus far.

Here are the boys on Saturday morning before their games:

James is so excited that he is old enough to play! Here's his little team:

That's the way to do it, James!!!

Andrew is on a team with a few others boys that have been together for the past 3 seasons. It's nice to keep some continuity:

The best part, of course, is snack time after the game :)

Today is the first day of nice, warmer, sunny weather this week. After our baking and school we need to go outside and enjoy it!


Mrs J said...

Good to see American boys playing soccer!!!!! Its nearly the start of the cricket season here & its freezing!

Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
Hugh really wants to play soccer too - it's the start of the soccer season here as well (it's a winter sport over here).
Looks like your boys are enjoying themselves.
Rachel L

Ruth MacC said...

lol, they are so wee in the outfits!

Will you send me your address so I can post you the stamps?