Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book Review: Cherie Blair, Speaking for Myself

It's been a goal of mine to post more book reviews here on the blog and it just hasn't been happening. I'm going to try to right that, beginning now.

I recently finished Cherie Blair: Speaking for Myself. I really, really enjoyed this book. We lived in the UK for 4+ years of the Blair's "reign" and I left with a very negative picture of Cherie, thanks to the media.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a different woman on the pages of this book (albeit the book is written by Cherie, so she is putting her best foot forward). The book traces Cherie's life from her early days in her grandparent's Liverpool home right up to the end of Tony Blair's term as Prime Minister.

Although I don't agree with Cherie politically, I found myself impressed with her law career, impressed with what seems to be a good relationship that she and Tony share, and very impressed with her attitude toward children.

Tony and Cherie have four children. Their fourth child was born while Tony was in office and Cherie was in her mid-40's. Rather than wonder what to do about this "accident", Cherie and Tony chose to welcome this child with open arms. In fact, Cherie fell pregnant several years later (I think at age 46 or 47) and they had the same attitude, despite the hardship of having a baby at such a late age. Sadly, Cherie miscarried the baby, much to her grief.

I also found it interesting to compare the life of a US president with the British Prime Minister -- especially the living conditions, which were nothing like the White House.

I'm very glad to have read this book and hopefully gained a more balanced perspective on the Blairs. I'm sure we'll hear more from this couple as time goes on.

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