Monday, April 20, 2009

April Says Yellow -- #3

Today is a very grey sort of day (sometimes "grey" feels more expressive than "gray"). I feel in need of a "yellow post". :)

I tried to collect as many yellows as possible on our trip to the Art Museum Gardens last Friday.

Seeing the variety amongst the daffodils is inspiring.

Sometimes one can't help seeing something else -- like Fried Eggs Easy.

Others seem so delicate and lady-like:

These seem to communicate joy and energy:

I'm always impressed when seeing a "double":

Wordsworth's poem "Daffodils" comes to mind, looking at all these flowers. I would love to see thousands upon thousands of these flowers all in one place.

Some sweet little primroses -- I'm wondering if these are becoming more popular over here....

I saw these tiny little things and thought their tiny intricate-ness was adorable, but didn't catch their name.

Another bright splash of yellow:

And creamy yellow:

I hope you all have a good day enjoying, in some way or another, God's beautiful creation.


Catherine said...

What lovely pictures! And I totally agree about grey vs. gray. I prefer to use "grey" because it sounds like more of a nice color with some blue in it maybe, whereas I think "gray" sounds just blah.

Margaret said...

Your flower pictures are beautiful! I need to take a trip to the IMA grounds. I haven't been since last summer.