Friday, April 3, 2009

Michael's Birthday -- Part 2

The day after Michael's birthday, we had some of the family over for dinner. Christina came early for some knitting, which turned into felted flower making. We decided to ditch cleaning up the house and put our energies and time into the flowers, because it is so much fun!

I'm planning a separate post on felted flowers, but here's a sneak-peak:

Michael's favorite is cheesecake:

David left the table, disappeared upstairs, and re-appeared in army attire. The stick (i.e. rifle) seemed a bit dangerous.

"Let's go fight, James," said David as he ran off to the living room.

Another birthday for Michael has passed into the family records.

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Lovella said...

Happy Birthday to Michael ..and the cheesecake looks lovely, I`d love a slice ..
and of course the wee one. . oh he makes me smile.