Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Yard Sale

We all had fun at the Yard Sale on Friday. The weather was gorgeous (except for some strong wind) and it was a real treat to sit outside with "nothing" to do and enjoy the day with the children.

Andrew made this wonderful sign for us. When people saw our "small" sale they asked if this was the sale connected with the sign at the corner. Yes, it was. :)

I found enough to have somewhat of a decent size sale. It felt great to get things cleared out and to make $30 in doing so! The leftovers went to Salvation Army.

The children had fun selling chocolate chip cookies for 25 cents each. They sold 24!

Our weekend was full and now it is another week already. We had such gorgeous weather over the weekend. It is cooler and raining today, but perfect for settling in the perennials I transplanted yesterday.
I've been wanting to take a picture of my favorite redbud tree. Driving home yesterday I was horrified to find it had been mown over by the road construction going on. How sad. I got the picture, but not what I was expecting. I suppose it had to be done.
Looking at the picture, I should have stopped to "rescue" those lilies by the edge of the road!

Michael took us on a surprise outing yesterday, which I will blog about soon. For now it's back to school and chores and life.


willow said...

A very profitable day.
I was looking at the photo, I am continually surprised by how huge houses are in the US, its something my husband talks about each time he returns home from his business trips to Boston. Did our houses feel very small to you when you lived over here?

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your beautiful RedBud - we have them in our 'woods' but they are very small and may never get big because of the mature trees blocking their light - but I love them all the same! Great job on the yard sale - we need to thin out and pare down too - but we never have enough for a big sale, and aren't in a neighborhood to do a combined sale! To be honest - I hate hosting yard sales! It's easier just to donate it to goodwill!

Lovella said...

I would have loved to buy a few cookies from your kids. .they are so industrious. . and so cute.