Saturday, April 24, 2010

Annual Wildflower Walk

Earlier this week the kids and I went on our annual wildflower hunt in the woods. It's amazing the variety that one can find, and also how fast the variety changes. I know we probably missed some of the early flowers and if we go again in a week or two we'll find even more blooming.

Here's what we found:

Mustard flower:
Garlic Mustard:
The Redbud trees have just past their peak. It is always hard for me to capture their beauty on camera. I do love them!
Wild White Phlox: (we also found blue phlox)
Thanks to Laura P., this plant is called Stylophorum diphyllum:

I couldn't resist capturing this little creature:

Jack-in-the-pulpit -- one of my very favorites!

Blue violets (and we saw lots of white ones too):

Haven't located the name for this one yet:

Perfoliate Bellwort:
Yellow violet -- I actually had no idea these existed!

Prairie Trillium:
Star Chickweed:

And here is the trail we enjoy:

For those in Indiana, here is a list for identification.

Since the baby hasn't made her appearance yet, it means I need to get to work! Ironing, food shopping, etc. Have a good weekend!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My husband and I have a disagreement on what is a wildflower and what is a weed. Basically, if it grow in and around out yard and he did not plant it... it's a weed.

I have had a few of these in my yard. :)

When Christopher was young, we had a special trail we visited all spring through autumn. It was so much fun to pack a picnic and then go on the trail.

Praying for you.

rubia said...

Lovely! You might try looking at pictures of Stylophorum diphyllum. I think that's the name of the yellow flower above the lady bug picture. I've also heard it referred to as a wild poppy. It's a perennial plant; I put some in at my parents' several years ago, along with wild geraniums. Both have pleasant springtime blooms.

-Laura P. (2RP)

willow said...

Lovely to see your photographs of wildflowers, some familiar to me and some I've not seen at all. I do think many wild flowers that we consider weeds are just as striking as the flowers we grow in our gardens, I make space for a few "weeds", foxgloves being a favourite. Here it will soon be time to visit the bluebell wood, something I look forward to each year.
The due date is close now, thinking of you.

A Little Bunny said...

it is amazing how far ahead you are than us! i have my eye on a spot where we found jack in the pulpit last year but no signs yet. i think this might be the year to learn how to make dandelion wine though.. they are out everywhere!