Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Picnic

It was Michael's idea that we should go on an impromptu picnic to the Art Museum Gardens last Friday night. Such a great idea!

And, when we discovered Christina and JK were contemplating the very same idea, we decided we must make it happen!

The weather was perfect, and the early flowers were in bloom. Here's baby John, taking it all in:

All of the cousins together:

After our dinner we took a walk around to admire everything. And the menfolk caught up on life...

We always go to the gardens for Christina's birthday, but that is always after the first daffodils and blooms are over. So, it was nice to get an early glimpse this year.

And, one never knows, I just might not make it back for Christina's birthday.... I do think spring is an ideal time to have a baby.

Christina's lovely family:

So far the magnolias have been safe from frost. However, it only reached about 50 degrees today, and that's getting down a bit too close to freezing to be safe. We'll see what happens:

Another picture of happy baby John:
And another one of my aspiring photographers:

Such lovely faces these flowers have:

A new addition to the gardens is the kitchen garden section where we found asparagus coming up as well as rhubarb (but their rhubarb wasn't nearly as far along as mine!):

The grass is so green and the birds are chirping constantly. Even with the cooler weather it still feels deliciously spring-like.


Rachel said...

Hi Heather,
What is in that jar that's in the ice? I'm so intrigued to know.
What a lovely idea - the flowers and you all look so lovely and 'springy'. How much longer for you now? I bet your children are getting excited!
That magnolia tree is just beautiful! We are just about to plant one in our garden.

Laura said...

This is a wonderful blog!!!! how I loved seeing you all... and the little ones... that place has special memories...and each year it is such a joy to return... so special to bring your kids to it now...!!!!!

willow said...

Lovely photographs, Heather. We have lots of daffodils now and the weather is lovely now, up to 14-15C which I think is about 60F. We arranged to meet friends for lunch today and have just decided to have a picnic instead!

Heather said...

What a lovely time of year to enjoy an outing with family! You are so blessed to be co close (in heart and in miles) to your sister! You are looking great - just a little while longer and we'll get to meet your sweet little blessing!