Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check Box #7

Last night I finished a sweet pea hat for my baby. I've made numerous sweet pea hats for friends but finally decided I better get on the move to make one for our little girl!

The pattern is one of Susan B. Anderson's and I used Cotton Classic for the yarn. I also finished the quilt last night!!! I'll need to post pictures soon.

Emily took me to Costco yesterday and we stocked up on food for the baby's arrival. Little by little things are getting checked off the list.

Saturday I got my haircut!! The beauty school I normally go to was full and couldn't fit me in so I decided to just go to the very first salon I came to (providing their cost wasn't exorbitant). Funny enough, I ran into a family from homeschool group at the salon and it turned out the lady cutting my hair used to belong to the same group as well! Small world.

My mom is here today working on our garden, which is so nice of her! Michael dug up the peony bed yesterday so that only peonies, and no weeds, are now growing in it. I see peas poking their heads up through the soil in a corner of the garden! Spring is glorious just now.


Rachel said...

Sweet little hat! And I love the colours you used. I treated myself to one of Susan's books last year, and knitted one of the pretty hats for Alice, but she refuses to let it stay on her head!
Looking forward to your news! I have a really pretty little something to send you - it's so much fun when it's a girl to shop for! :o)

The Sociologist said...

I LOVED the one you made for Niko! I was sad when he outgrew it.

Lovella ♥ said...

So sweet. . .oh sigh.