Friday, April 9, 2010


Today I had the luxury of doing school with just my two "little boys." The older two were off for the day at a park for a series of nature classes. That left James and David and I to read books about spring, ducks, and robins, and to spend time making things together.

We decided on some nests with eggs and robins. Aren't they cute!!! The boys seemed to have fun helping pick things out and watching me put it together for them.

And then they could play with them (the eggs come out of the nest and the birds are on their own too):

James even cut up some string later on and placed it outside in hopes that a real robin will make a nest in our little tree. :)

Working with felted wool is so fun. I think I need to give up all other types of sewing....

I'm very thankful for a good, and somewhat relaxing, week. Life is about to change in a major way, any day now.


Mrs J said...

Really cute! ..... and 'good luck'!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Okay, I love all you make but these have me coveting. The robin is our family bird, you know... CUTE!

Do post when you are in labor so we all can be praying. Can't wait to see pictures of that baby girl.

Stephanie has been calling and texting for moral support.

She is going into her 9th month now and has to pack and move before the end of the month.

Amy K said...

Adorable! Have you seen the blue bird/egg that Shannon knitted? If she didn't show you, I'll have to bring it sometime.

I've enjoyed catching up and seeing your beautiful projects. Love the cardi you made and everything else, as always. :) And I'll have to try that popcorn craft with the girls. They'll love it! I love when you post craft ideas for kids!!

Heather said...

Very very sweet - I love the nests and the robins are too cute for words! I've got to get into my sewing area and do something ... anything ... to get the creative juices flowing again!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Those are adorable-both the birdie and the boy!