Thursday, April 15, 2010

Check Box #8: The Room and Quilt

Finally, I have pictures of the baby's "corner" of Rachel's room and just about everything is finished!!!

Here is the changing table -- the dresser is full of tiny, little pink clothes! Just this week Michael and I found the diaper basket for free. All I had to do was cover the broken handle with a bit of fabric and the wool flower. The lining washed easily and it is just what I wanted!

Here is the crib, which was also "found" for free. I love it! The curtain came with the bed set off of Craig's list and my mom is painting two paintings framed in white -- one for each side of the window.

The crib set I found went perfectly with the lavender-painted walls, but didn't have a quilt. That was fine because the one thing I wanted to make the baby for sure was a quilt. Here is the finished product. It goes along almost perfectly with the bumper and sheet.

And the basket of blankets and burp clothes is waiting beneath the window.

Here's the quilt. Rachel and I made up the pattern using the diagram below. Rachel sewed the top together and I quilted it. We found ribbon to match the bumper and sewed that along the edge and then I embroidered a few lines here and there to match the design on the bumper.

Here was our plan:
The fun thing is, Rachel is working on a miniature of the quilt. She's sewn the top and it looks EXACTLY like the big one, just tiny. I need to put it together for her so she can start quilting it.

My sister came today and put lettuce, beets, swiss chard, and radishes in the garden. Now we just need some rain!
Everyday we get a little bit closer to meeting the baby and just a little bit closer to having everything ready for her!


Catherine said...

Very pretty! That's a wonderful found crib. How special that you and Rachel made the baby's quilt together. I still have the quilt my mom embroidered for my nursery and now Hannah sleeps under it on her toddler bed.

And thank you for the reminder to get lettuce seeds out into my garden! I bought some and then forgot all about them until I read this post! :)

Rachel said...

It's all just beautiful, Heather! And I'd love to hear the story behind you 'finding' the crib. It's amazing!

Heather said...

How lovely Heather - I am glad you are so close to 'ready' for this new little blessing! You finds are wonderful - the crib is so lovely! God has really blessed you in so many sweet and thoughtful ways - don't you just love how the Father tenderly cares for His children!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just love the colors and the quilt. You are now all ready!

My daughter is moving (I think next week). Her daughter's room is a Wedgwood blue they love but David insists the PINK in his and Matthew's room be painted before they move in. :)

I saw that the long range forecast includes not only the possibility of rain on Friday but more next week.

Monica said...

The quilt is perfect!! Such a beautiful and peaceful room for some special girls to share.

Can't wait to meet her!

willow said...

It all looks beautiful, and so nice that you and Rachel made the quilt together.

The Sociologist said...

No one would ever know u were excited about your baby girl!! :)
Love the nursery. Beautiful and clean. Are those Pottery Barn curtains???

Nancy said...

Oh, SOOOO pretty, Heather!

Candice said...

Looks so sweet! Praying for you as you await your little one's arrival.

Mrs J said...

It all looks wonderful! The crib is amazing.I love the idea of you and Rachel making the quilt together. I am sure she will tell her baby sister all about it when she arrives.

Ruth MacC said...

Hi Heather,
I knoiw what you mean about the burp cloths. I had my four week old great niece stay over last night and I could have done with a few of those!
I love the quilt. Well done in getting everything ready.

God bless.

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh how pretty and how fun for Rachel to share in the excitement of the new baby girl.
I must say .. she'll be a big help won't she?
Big sigh. . .all the best. .thanks for keeping us posted.

Amy K said...

Love the nursery corner. So happy for all of you that baby Laura is here and can now use it!