Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lithuanian Easter Eggs

This week we had the opportunity to join some friends in learning to make Lithuanian Easter Eggs. I always feel very blessed and inspired when I learn about other cultures and get to experience something that belongs to that culture.

Aren't these eggs beautiful!!!

The eggs are decorated using wax, then died, and the wax is then melted off.

Our hostess had dozens and dozens of eggs, and tubs of dyes.

Here are the children using melted crayons to decorate plastic eggs -- a good first step in the learning process.

Here is the wax being melted off at the end.

I'm applying the hot wax to the egg in a design. This egg was dyed first, then the design applied. The dye was then wiped off with vinegar and re-dyed in a different color -- producing a two-colored plus white effect.

Everyone had a lot of fun!

Here are the eggs we took home with us:

This was certainly an example of someone sharing with others what they are passionate about in the art world. I so appreciated Daiva's taking the time to make this afternoon possible for us!


Alaina said...

Wow! Those are stunning! What a fun project.

willow said...

They look beautiful, what a lovely activity for everyone to join in with.

Candice said...

Those are really beautiful!