Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tea

Several weeks ago we had our annual "Christmas Tea". When I was younger, this was held in September and we brainstormed all the gifts we would make.

Now I think we do it more for tradition's sake rather than for advance brainstorming. (note cookies below are gluten-free!)

However, this event did involve a lot of brainstorming about new products, etc. Next year maybe we'll unveil them!

Laura was appropriately dressed for the occasion! She is too cute!

And now it's time for December to begin......


Rachel said...

I had some gluten free brownies this week that a friend made and I think they were the yummiest brownies I've ever had!
Love your new banner - gorgeous photo!

The Alexanders said...

Your banner photo is so seasonal. I love the photo of Laura too. Reminds me of a certain wee blonde Scottish Lass I once knew! :-)