Monday, November 28, 2011

Rachel Turns 11

Rachel turned 11 last week. Her birthday nearly always falls the week of Thanksgiving which makes for busy times!!

I guess I've started a new tradition of making animals for the kids' birthdays. I always wait until the last day because I think they may have forgotten and then Michael, or the child, will remind me that they really need an animal tomorrow!!! (I was sewing one just hours before I left for NYC)

The mouse was very cute and now I want to make more...

Rachel enjoyed opening presents, which included several board games.

And then there was pumpkin cake for dessert.
She also had a party with friends from the neighborhood, breakfast out with Dad, celebrations at Thanksgiving, and breakfast, lunch and dinner of her choosing! I would say that is a great day!

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Happy Birthday! It makes me miss having my daughter growing up here at home (although having five grandchildren makes up for it). :)

This post reminded me of the Christmas when our best friends were joining us for Christmas dinner.

I had dinner almost ready on the stove while I was putting the last minute stitches on a quilted wall hanging I was making her for Christmas... just before they arrived.

My only excuse was that Christopher was a toddler at the time.