Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Books and Yarn

I thought I would participate in the Yarn Along over on the lovely blog "Small Things" (where everyone is sharing their current knit/crochet and reading).

This is my latest project. I got the idea in my head one evening over the weekend and by the next afternoon I had it finished. It is SO easy! Just 8 granny squares sewn together with a little gather at the top via a crochet string.

I saw the idea in this book but didn't have it to look at when I made this so I'm not sure if it is the same or not.

I've been enjoying my reading lately. We've been on a Tasha Tudor kick so I picked this up from the library to learn a bit more about this eccentric and inspiring person. It is written by Tasha's daughter and filled with lots of photographs. Lovely to read.
I'm hooked on this series, set in the Irish countryside in the 1950's or 60's. This book is set back in the 30's though and I enjoyed the word pictures of Dublin since it would be a bit like Glasgow at the same time. It's an easy-read novel about a doctor in medical school.
I'm reading this just for the fun of seeing what advice there was for economizing in the 1930's. Ha! It's good for a laugh and interesting to see that some things never change.

I decided I just couldn't send this book back to the library without reading it again. I love it and must put it on my to-purchase list. The Gentle Art of Domesticity.....
And now I must return to cleaning the house and making chicken soup. Michael is doing better today, just looking different with his swollen face. The rest of us are trying to get over our colds.


Tracey said...

Tea from a teapot in a cozy and Tasha Tudor sounds lovely! Hope you are all better soon.
Happy Yarn Along.

Ellen said...

I love Tasha Tudor's work. Love the illustration of her Corgies. Teapot cozy is very neat with just 8 squares.

JNCL said...

I LOVE Tasha Tudor! I discovered her as a teenager and have been enamored with her ever since.
The Beauty of Eclecticism

Cynthia said...

I also love Tasha Tudor's work. I am currently reading to my daughter A Child's Garden of Verses with her as the illustrator and I just love each and every picture. She certainly was a fascinating women. The cozy is very pretty. :)

Wendy said...

I'm a Tasha Tudor fan, too. Hadn't heard of that Patrick Taylor series; might have to look into it.

Lori ann said...

i love tasha tudor and have many of her books, but not this one, thank you for sharing.
very pretty tea cozy!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Love Tasha! I know she did not claim to be a Christian but I love how she lived her life otherwise.

Jane Brocket's book is one I take off the shelf and just linger over when I need to be inspired. They have new copies third part on Amazon really cheap. I'm interesting in viewing her newish quilting and knitting books.

Ever since I read Tea Cozies 1 and 2, I've wanted to learn to knit. I love tea cozies, especially the one owned by the Beaver Family in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe movie. Hadn't thought of crochet!

Amy K said...

Missed you in Sunday. Hope you all feel better soon.