Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Last of the Valentine Pictures

These will be the last of the valentine pictures. As I said before, valentine's day dominated the last few weeks around here.

I participated in my very first craft swap this valentine's day! It was so much fun. I signed up over at Natural Suburbia and then was paired with Sharon, a blogger who is in Canada. We exchanged little packages of homemade goodies. I received a knitted wine cozy with an adorable knitted heart ornament, Canadian pins and some bubble bath. I especially liked the little "Handmade for you" tag that was attached.

Emily hosted a tea party at her apartment for a group of us ladies. It was delightful. We ate delicious food, drank tea, had great conversation, and exchanged handmade valentines.

Pink tea is beautiful!

We spent a morning of school making homemade valentines and it was so much fun.

Everyone had a different design to try.

Laura just sat around and licked her lollipop.

David bravely stuck it out to make something like 22 or more valentines.

Rach had the hardest project -- chocolate kiss roses.

I had two friends over for tea one day. It was fun to set up a valentine theme.

And make pretty place settings:

Christina's hutch was all decked out when I stopped by for something.

And on Valentine's Day the neighbors congregated for snacks and valentines. I got to try these cute heart hotdogs from Pinterest.

And now everyone's thoughts have moved onto St. Patrick's Day -- at least everywhere I go that is what I see.


Lovella ♥ said...

OH I love your wiener and cheese valentines heather. You are always so incredibly creative and I wish again and again you were my neighbor. You might not accomplish quite as much if that were the case. :)

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Charis's Mum said...

We must read some of the same blogs! I too participated in the Valentine swap that Natural Suburbia had. The gifts you received are lovely.