Friday, February 17, 2012

Embracing Winter: Add Yellow To Your Life

Yellow is the color of sunshine, of warmth, of happiness. What better way to perk up our winter days than to add a bit of yellow to our lives.

I once read in a book of a decorator who liked to add something yellow to every room she decorated. Looking around my home, I think I'll have to add a lot more yellow in order to have something in every room.

Here are some ideas for adding yellow to your life:
--make a stack of yellow-spined books
--set a bowl of lemons on the table
--buy daffodils
--find some yellow hand towels or dish towels
--buy a bar of yellow soap or yellow soft soap
--have your kids draw pictures or make art with yellow construction paper
--buy a yellow throw pillow
--put a yellow tablecloth on your table
--set out yellow candles

--where something yellow
--use a bright yellow mug, teapot, or teacup
--buy yellow fiestaware
--put a yellow wreath on your front door
--dye eggs yellow and use for a centerpiece
--use a yellow handbag
--wear a yellow belt
--make yellow cupcakes
--buy yellow fruit: banana, pineapple, lemon,
--have a yellow dinner: eggs, cauliflower, roasted potatoes, tropical fruit salad, summer squash

--surprise someone else with a bouquet of yellow flowers
--buy a yellow vase
--find a work of art that showcases yellow
--draw your own yellow picture
--make lemon tea with hot water, lemon and honey

If you keep your eyes open, you will start to notice more and more yellow and see if it doesn't make you happy!

"How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun." --Vincent Van Gogh


Anonymous said...

Yellow was always your Great-Grandma Brace's favorite color and yellow roses her favorite bouquet.

Guistinello Design said...

I love this idea! Yellow really does warm up the long winter days. I'm inspired to knit my next project in yellow!

Heather said...

I love yellow in small doses - my friend has a yellow kitchen and I smile every time I walk into it, although it's too 'permanent' for me! I like the idea of adding some yellow to our decor right now - I'll look for some yellow primroses when I shop this week. They always make me smile too.

Monica said...

Buttery yellow was the color of my wedding. Love it. I think I'm going to have to spread some around while we wait for Spring.

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