Friday, February 24, 2012

The Latest Flowers

I sent out my latest flower order last week. Lots of beautiful things for spring and summer and the rest of the year too.

Roses are my new specialty. I am so drawn to them and love how they look pinned on an outfit.

A dozen red and white roses were sent and others in different colors as well.

I've been trying to put more flowers in my Etsy shop.

These flowers can be found at The Wooly Ewe in Texas, and I'm working on a new order for The Village Yarn Shop here in Zionsville.


Lovella ♥ said...

OH you are so talented. I'll have to come shopping in your etsy shop again one of these days. Love the roses. I can see why they are your new favorite.

amchart said...

I agree with Lovella ... so talented. Would you ever consider making a tutorial so some of us admirers could learn to make flowers too? Maybe on Craftsy?

Anonymous said...

Love them! How do you make the balls in the center?

Heather L. said...

Actually, I'm giving a little class to some friends today! One of these days I do need to make a tutorial. I don't usually make the center balls -- I buy them from Ornamentea. However, there is a way to make look-alikes and maybe I can do some tutorials soon.

Jessica said...

So bright and cheerful! I made a teeny tiny one for a rag doll I'm working on right now. My computer is in my car and waiting to be hooked up when I get home! Back to blogging soon...yay! I tried a dahlia, too. So fun.