Saturday, February 4, 2012

Embracing Winter: Pamper Yourself

It's becoming harder and harder to convince myself that it is winter. Our temperatures here in the Midwest have been ranging between 45 and 58 degreesF which is about 20 to 40 degrees above what it could be right now. And as for snow....I think we've all forgotten what that looks like. But, we certainly don't want to complain!

Winter is a wonderful time to change up your skin care routine. Buy a new scent of handsoap. Ask friends what their favorite moisturizer is, and maybe take time out for a long bubble bath.

Brighten up your bathroom by using a bar of delicious-smelling soap set in a little china dish. Bar soap may seem so last-century, but did you know that dermatologists recommend it as the best thing for your skin? (Of course they want you to stick only to Dove bar soap and I don't really want to go that far....)

Trader Joe's has some heavenly bar soaps. I know they might cost up to $3.50/bar but I also know that they can last up to 6 months and their natural perfume is worth it! I just finished a bar of their Lemon Verbena and am now going to try their Ginger Almond Oatmeal.

It is a real treat to have Bath&Body Works foaming soap by the kitchen sink when you want to wash your hands. I just happened to find a sale recently!

And good old Yardley is always an option -- our dollar store sells these bars in the beauty section.

See the pretty cut glass jar with the silver lid? That was a little gift from my uncle who I think found it at a thrift store and polished it up for me. It makes a perfect container for putting hand cream in and leaving beside my bed or on my dresser.

You've already heard me suggest buying yummy-scented chapstick, and I don't mean flavors like Rootbeer Float or Bubblegum (unless those happen to really make your day). Tiny bits of loveliness sprinkled throughout the day do add up to something.

Every once in awhile rub some sugar into your hands along with your regular moisturizer. Rinse in warm water and notice how soft and smooth your hands will feel. I must go and do this.....

Remember that taking time for beauty, and time for nourishing your soul, will bless you as well as those around you.


Heather said...

This is a perfect mid-winter (or not so winter) treat for me! After a full afternoon of cleaning bathrooms (this crazy house has 4) yesterday my hands are a mess! I need to do my hand treatment tonight so I don't rub folks the wrong way when we say hello tomorrow at church!

Helen said...

Thank you Heather for a lovely reminder to take care of ourselves. Lovely blog. Love the cushions too!!

Jessica said...

I get eczema in the winter and the best way to help my hands is olive oil or coconut oil. Another good inexpensive exfoliant is baking soda! Works wonders. Now if only my belly would let me reach my feet!