Monday, February 6, 2012

Random Things

It's a sunny Monday here in the Midwest. I guess the Superbowl took place here this weekend but funny enough we never really saw any signs of it! Another school week has begun and more to-do lists.

Christina has been stitching up the cutest fingerless mitts lately. Aren't they adorable?! She'll have them available in her Etsy shop soon.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday in late January with his favorite -- pineapple upside down cake. I even made a gluten-free version which tasted so delicious!

My primroses are hobbling along at the end of their blooming life. I'm hoping to plant them all in my garden for perennial cheer.

Laura is as busy as ever, slowed over the weekend by a high fever and a nasty cold. New words come tumbling forth everyday. My new favorite: "I'm sorry."

I like to cut my poinsettias when they begin to fade. They make for pretty cut flowers without the scraggly leaves. (You have to cut the poinsettia stem and immediately seal the end with a flame before plunging into water.)

The boys turned some cardboard into a cool castle.

And now I must go rescue Little Miss Muffet from her nap and see about the rest of my to-do list. Downton Abbey is awaiting on the horizon one of these well as a bunch of sewing. And Valentine's Day is around the corner!!!!!


RitaH said...

Those fingerless mitts are spectacular!

Love the fort too!

I'm enjoying your blog, and sent the link to my sister, Ruta, in Vancouver. you are kindred spirits!

Monica said...

The fort is awesome!! Now,there's another advantage to winder- kid's imaginations have the leisure to create.