Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blackberry Rambles

The children and I were at the library a week or so ago. The little boys randomly pull books off of shelves and I take a look to see if it will be a keeper, or if it needs to stay put. You can imagine my surprise when James pulled this book off the shelf:

Of course, we had to take this one home! I couldn't wait to read it and see what the story was like. Unfortunately, it was a little dissappointing. It was basically a "chase around the farmyard" ending with a picnic in a field with blackberry pie. (Incidentally, all this took place in the spring -- blackberries are a FALL fruit! I guess mother mouse had a stash of berries in her freezer.)

It was fun to find a book with "my" blog name on it though. :) I chose the name because I have a thing about berries, especially blackberries. I am constantly on the lookout for berries growing wild and possible picking sites. I chose rambles because it can refer to writing, but it also sounds almost like brambles, which is the British term for "blackberries."

Blackberry Rambles is meant to be a happy place of refreshment -- somewhere to enjoy the bounties of creation and be expressive and creative myself. Maybe someday I'll write my own book entitled "Blackberry Rambles" -- I'm sure my kids would just love to help!


SueJ said...

I once 'wrote' a book for my nephews based around our holiday photos. I think it was called 'Moss (our dog) and Holly (friends dog) go on Holiday'. I wish I still had a copy as it was lost in a PC death but it was lots of fun to write. Start accumulating your berry pictures & have a go, your family will enjoy the process & product I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I just planted a Bramble hedge around my vege garden this summer in the hopes of berries next Autumn. I saw some growing wild the other day and wanted to stop and pick them, but I'm not even sure if I can, and it's on a main road - I'd feel so much better doing it with someone else - you wanna come over and pick them with me?? :o)
Rachel L from NZ

Anonymous said...

I loved your thoughts on Blackberry rambles... I think we should write a book... :)!!! always wanted to illustrate one... lets try :)....
love ya

Amy K said...

And I thought it was because you had a hand-held Blackberry or something ... :)

And I love the sandwiches. The lettuce hair is a hoot.

willow said...

Hi Heather,
I've always liked your blog title but I never made the connection to writing - I just pictured you on a long rambling walk with a basket of blackberries on your arm!

GinnyBerry said...

I started my blog last fall. My blog's name is "Blackberry Blessings," because I always loved berries and consider them a simple pleasure if you live in an area where they grow.

I remember picking them with my Grandma as a child when we visited her in Soutwestern Pennyslvania.

I'm enjoying reading your blog!