Friday, March 28, 2008

This and That

The travellers are off. From what I hear, Rachel is being spoiled by all the attention from her Dad and the two other "grandfather-types" who are along for the ride. Apparently, she requested they find a buffet for dinner so she could have white pasta with butter (something her mother does not allow her to have very often).

Baby Cakes is sick with a nasty ear infection. The boys and I spent the afternoon going to the doctor's and picking up a prescription. That served to fill up our time and give us something to occupy our minds and bodies.

The boys wanted waffles for dinner (actually, they wanted snowmen pancakes, but when I offered waffles instead, they were pretty enthusiastic). Fried eggs were a nice addition to dinner, as well as a bowl of my current favorite salad -- spinach with apples and toasted almonds with a lemon juice dressing.
The house is silent now. I think I'm going to take myself off to bed with a stack of books, a good pen and my notebook, and hopefully some nice music. I'm going to ignore the messy house, email, and other things, and hope tomorrow will provide time to deal with them.


Anonymous said...
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Amy K said...

I love all the pics you've put on your blog recently! Everything is beautiful and spring-y and inspirational. :) Kevin said he saw you today driving in Brownsburg (he was there, driving home from a business meeting). :)

Rachel will have so much fun on this special trip with dad. :)

See you Sunday, presuming D is better!! Hope so!


Lovella ♥ said...

I do hope Babycakes if feeling all better.

Enjoy your resting and relaxing and your stack of books.