Friday, March 21, 2008

Officially Spring

Spring is officially here! If we can't have it in reality, at least we can have it on the calendar! Nevertheless, little bits of Spring are popping up around the house, and I feel as though we are gaining momentum to leave winter behind!

When we were first married, I started the tradition of Spring Tea on the first day of Spring. The contents of our tea varies each year, but two things are constant -- we must have strawberries, and we must use the "spring" tablecloth I found one year in a charity shop.

The tablecloth is covered with a variety of spring flowers, beginning with snowdrops, and I just love it!

Rachel took charge of our tea today (yes, we were a day late, but I couldn't get to the store to get the strawberries until today, and besides, the 21st seems a better day). She got the tea prepared and the cinnamon toast made so all I had to do was arrive with the strawberries.

We used cups from our wedding china -- not a fancy china, but one that definately says "spring"! The children just love strawberries!

Here you can see some more of the flowers -- snowdrops, violets, bluebells, daffodils

Yesterday the dining area was looking so bright and cheery with the sun shining in! It did feel more like Spring!

And as I mentioned, the hot cross buns made the house smell like spring earlier in the week.

And we have a lovely basket of beautifully colored eggs sitting on the table.

And now for a day of work ahead as we do all the final preparations for a big feast on Sunday!


Monica said...

What a beautiful table cloth!! Happy Spring to you.

Alaina said...

What a fun tradition! I love the tablecloth! Your eggs are beautiful - maybe we will dye some today. We'll see if we have time! :)

Anonymous said...

That is such a lovely idea! What a special tradition for your family. Thanks for sharing!