Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Changing Mantel

We've now changed over from winter to spring inside the house! With mom's help I've got the mantel newly decorated!

I'm so excited that my bulb-forcing is going so well! The hyacinth is the first to bloom and its fragrance fills the room with such a lovely scent. I love it!

The theme of the mantel is glass, yellow flowers, blue accents.

I always start out with everything set in a certain way and then over the next few weeks I change it all the time until it seems to be "just right." This photo is after about 5 changes:

And then three changes later:

And the present mantel is even a few changes later (I'm tired of trying to document it with photos!) Mom brought over some beautiful yellow birds to add a bit of life to the collection. I just love all the extra light we are getting from the longer days. Light is such an uplifting thing!


Monica said...

Beautiful!! You have such a gift for putting things together.

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty! And what a lovely idea to change your mantle with the seasons.
Today is the day Ginny arrives. We can't wait. She callled last night.

willow said...

Thats really pretty. I liked the photo of your front door in the previous post as well.