Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Grey Sort of Day

Today was a grey sort of day. One of those drippy days when life goes on as normal and nothing very exciting happens. Laundry, ironing, schoolwork, meals to fix, and a trip to pack for. Michael and Rachel are headed out to Iowa tomorrow, and I'm trying to get things organized for them.

Rachel reminded me subtly that she was looking forward to her backpack being all packed up with surprises. Apparently she also informed Michael of this anticipation. When the children were younger and we went on holidays we always packed up a little backpack of things to do on the trip and these were kept a surprise until we started out.

Well, being as I had little notice of Rachel going on the trip, and no trips to the store planned, I had to get creative. She's going to have to make do with a new bag (instead of new "things") and mostly just her regular books and sewing things to fill it. There is a granola bar and a little bag of sweets tucked in, so maybe that will make her happy.

I have fond memories of a time when I was 4 and went on a road trip somewhere with my Dad. My mom made the most wonderful contraption to hang on the back of the front carseat - it looked like a shoe organizer and each pocket was filled with a little activity or treat. Fortunately, Rachel doesn't have that memory to compare to yet! (Although someday I'd love to do that for her.)

Once all the packing is done and the travellers are off, it will be time to return to other grey matters -- taxes. Ugh! It's that time of year again. And, it seems that pastor's taxes can be so difficult! Maybe by the time we retire I'll be a pro at this.

Now I've got to think of a few fun things to do with the little boys who will be left behind. Andrew wants to play a jellybean game and I'm sure James is anxious to play Cooties. It will be fun to be with the "younger" kids for once and get back in the groove of what they like to do without an intense older sister around.


Monica said...

I'm the tax accountant in our home, too. Ours aren't complicated. Do you do yours with a computer program?

I know what you mean about just having the younger ones. I did enjoy that id of time when the older girls were in the play. Such a different dynamic when the average age gets younger.

SueJ said...

A very belated Happy Easter! I love your Spring/easter images -ours was very different amoungst the snows of the French Alps!