Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Andrew's Birthday

It's about time that I posted on Andrew's birthday as it has already been nearly 10 days since the event!

Andrew's birthday was the last day of our vacation. We celebrated at home Saturday evening with cupcakes and family presents:

Andrew has been wanting a doctor kit and jacket. Actually, Andrew got a real stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, and thermometer, along with real band-aids and bandages. He was pretty happy!

Sunday afternoon we congregated at my parents' house for cake and more presents:

Andrew requested "cheesecake" so I decided to try Lovella's recipe. It was a success!

We had chocolate sauce and rasberry compote to go on top:

And there were goody bags for all the children:

Michael showing Andrew how to make BIG bubbles with the new bubble wand:

Andrew gives it a try:

Everyone gets in on the present-opening:

And then it was time to relax a bit:

Andrew really enjoyed his birthday weekend, ending with breakfast with Daddy on Monday morning. We love you Andrew!


Niall MacC said...

Hello there,
I really like the flowers around the birthday cake and the new bag you made. (like the colours)

Thanks for your comment about the evening out. Thankfully it went well. Very relaxing. Becky and Natasha are not saved and I thank God that he gave both me and Mary O (who is saved) opportunities to witness to them both.

Apart from Becky getting married, the main reason for the get together was to find time to talk with these two women without their children and distractions so I could witness to them.

Lovely photos as usual Heather. It's worth the hard work, from our point of view!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!