Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I took a lot of pictures of chickens on our vacation. We happened to be in their environment on several occassions, and I felt drawn to the beautiful pictures I saw.

I also realized that my fantasy of being a farmer's wife would never, never come true. Michael is allergic to farms! Yes, the allergies come on fast and furious when around barns and beasts. Oh well, guess we'll have to stick to our current profession. :)

So check out this hair-do!!! How would you like to have one of these! Apparently these hens aren't good for eating or eggs, but they are "nice additions" to the flock:

If you don't go for the hair-do, perhaps you'd rather have a nice outfit like this guy. He came slowly strutting up the hill to check us out and then, easily spooked, took off down the hill as fast as his feathery legs could carry him!

This is what I call a very handsome chicken indeed!

Another color scheme to add variety:
Today I was contemplating on what a simple life the chickens seem to have:

But then, I'm not sure I'd want to sit in a nest most of the day (especially looking as grouchy as this lady):
And I'm quite sure I wouldn't want to push one of these out everyday!

But a nice stroll in the countryside would be nice:

And, finally, the chicken version of a Hollywood Blonde:

The flowers have arrived and are soaking in their water bath, eagerly awaiting their moment of glory at the wedding. I'm off tomorrow morning to help do the arranging! I'll have plenty of pictures to share come Monday!


SueJ said...

Great pictures, love the one in the white breeches!

Lovella ♥ said...

oh I love the chicken pictures. . .running to and fro..
the brown one second from the bottom looks very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Holywod blonde, love it! So glamerous!