Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Day for Apples

Today we went to pick apples. I have been hoping for a chance, but not knowing if, when, where, or how it would take place. Somehow, it just happened!

A friend invited us to come help ourselves to some of their "organic" apples. How could we turn that down! God blessed us with a beautiful day too. One couldn't get better skies!

There were plenty of bugs to look at (or be looked at by):

We were especially interested in this huge yellow and black spider. None of my other pictures of her turned out, but in this one you can at least see her egg sac, of which she was proudly standing guard. It was very fitting for Rachel who had just read in Charlotte's Web this morning about Charlotte's egg sac containing 514 eggs!

Apple picking is great fun for children!

It wasn't until the end of our time that we realized Baby Cakes had spent the entire time eating apples.
We decided we liked the green-colored apples best (we tasted the trees to see what was what):
So did Baby:
The apples were dappled on the outside, a sure sign of their being organic! :)
Baby stands guard over the apple bags:

There was one long row of crab apples. The fruit was just beautiful. I thought of Willow right away and knew that she'd make Crab Apple Jelly, so we came home with a few pounds to see if we could try some too:

"Let's just try one more," said Baby Cakes:

What a feast for the eyes!
"We'll just watch Grandma pick and enjoy another bite," said James and Baby Cakes.

Aren't the crab apples amazing!
It was about this time that someone made the observation: Baby Cakes hasn't stopped eating.
We filled the baskets and bags and headed back to the car.
Grandma stopped to pick a bouquet to leave for our friends:
We stopped at Grandma's on the way home for a much-needed cup of tea and then it was time for dinner and soccer. I was given a delightful 1 1/2 hours on my own in which I was able to take a walk and pick my own bouquet!

And now I must turn my mind to apples...... and what to do with them. I feel as though they dropped in my lap and I'm just kind of hoping that some time also drops in my lap to make good use of them! :)


Catherine said...

Fun! I'm interested to see what you try with the apples. I'm considering canning applesauce this year, which may be a little ambitious considering that I've never canned anything before, ever. :)

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh I love making apple sauce and freezing it. . I always used to do that when the kids were little. Its so easy chop up the apples peel and cores in and cook them up. . .put it through a old fashioned food grinder which keeps the skins and cores separate. .and voila. .
Love all the pictures of your helpers.

SueJ said...

What an amazing set of pictures. I am still at school (6.00pm UK time) as we have a 'do' on this evening & feeling rather jaded! they have really given me a boost! Thank you!