Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kayak Party

Today is James' 4th birthday. We began celebrations earlier in the week with a Kayaking Party. Grandpa has been wanting to take the kids kayaking for a long time. We met at the reservoir just down the road from us.

Note the flag Grandma made to add to the festivities:

Michael and Grandpa did the paddling and the kids took turns sitting in the hatch:

While some were out paddling, the rest of us explored the water's edge:

Sand Castles were even attempted! Those are birthday candles sticking out of the top of Baby Cake's castle. :)
Mommy and David even took a short ride. David was SO excited that it was his turn but then he turned all quiet and somewhat stiff when he was put inside the boat. I think he was scared but was determined to be brave. :)

Here we are on our paddle:

Then we enjoyed a picnic dinner:

With the park closing early, we headed back to our house for "strawberry cake." I came up with my regular white cake that I flavored strawberry, filled it with our homemade strawberry jam, and attempted to make my regular icing but added food coloring and strawberry flavoring. Let's just say it didn't work like it usually does (I'm blaming something in the food coloring/flavoring for keeping it from getting stiff):

James was happy enough:
And had fun with a few presents from Grandpa and Grandma:

Michael and James are off for the traditional birthday breakfast at Bob Evans. We'll have more presents when they get back.

We are headed to Kentucky today for my cousin's wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing extended family. I have yet to pack, so that's what I'm off to do. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Monica said...

What a fun idea and great pictures, too! Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday James!!

He looks so different Heather! His hair sure turned blonde this summer!

SueJ said...

What a fab birthday treat! Oh to be 4!

Heather said...

What a fun birthday! Our Dreamer took Kayak lessons this summer and had such a wonderful time! There is just nothing like being on the water in the stillness of the morning or early evening - I think you can hear the voice of God in the ripples of the lake surface! I miss having a nice large body of water closeby!

Kevin Swan said...

Hahahah. That shot of David is perfect. Love it.

Unknown said...

oh what fun! beautiful pics as usual! Can't believe the applesauce etc. Wish I hadn't missed that adventure!