Monday, September 1, 2008

Back from Vacation

September has begun, a new school year has started, a fresh week is here, the next season of the year around the corner: our vacation is over. We were blessed to have had a wonderful time!

Michael posted a schedule on the fridge at the beginning of the week so we could all look forward to our planned activities. A few trips to the pool were included:

A highlight for many of us was our daytrip to a local living history museum. The children just ate it up! (Yes, my boys went in full cowboy costume!)

Michael, Emily and I got to go out for dinner one evening at a cafe just on the water. We pretended we were in Maine. The smell of seafood and the water made it almost believable!

We found a tank museum in the area and had fun looking around. It is a private collection and the tanks all work!

Another afternoon found us at the local creamery, watching the cows being milked.

And of course enjoying some of their ice-cream:

Not to mention all the beautiful flowers!

Towards the end of the week we picniced downtown and rented a paddle-boat which thrilled the children!
And so we have many happy memories of our week off and feel a bit re-charged for all that is ahead. Wedding season begin! There are 3 weddings in the next 6 weeks!


Unknown said...

What beautiful memories! It looks like you all had so much fun. Welcome back!

Monica said...

Sounds like a great week!! I hope you all were able to get some rest, too:)

willow said...

It sounds like a wonderful week to round off the summer holidays. I like the first photo of all of you, a lovely relaxed family photograph.

Lovella ♥ said...

Heather, your vacation looks just wonderful .. love the little cowboy .. so sweet.

Amy K said...

That's great! We were just talking about how we need to do paddle boats sometime soon. Looks like you had a memorable and fun week together as a family.

Anonymous said...

The creamery sounds fun! I'd love to go see something like that! I remember my grandfather got us up at 5am one winter years ago, when we were staying with them and took us to the bakery in his town so we could see them making all the breads and cakes, such fun!