Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Michael's Birthday -- Part 1

We all enjoyed Michael's birthday yesterday. We began with granola for breakfast -- made by Rachel as a present.

After lunch we took the kids bowling -- we've never taken them before and they LOVED it!!

It was so much fun watching them try the game:

David was especially fun to watch:

The bowling balls looked decidely like Easter eggs:
The kids had it easy with the bumpers:

Mommy did not fare so well, but Daddy hit a strike the very first time! Must have been birthday "luck":
Icecream was a good way to end the afternoon outing:

Thanks to Mom and Em, Michael and I were able to go out in the evening. We enjoyed a wonderful Faculty Concert, free to the public, at one of the local Universities.


Heather said...

Hi Heather - it sounds like you had a wonderful day - I'm so glad! Happy bleated birthday to Michael! If you visit www.kidsbowlfree.com you might find free bowling passes at a local alley for the children for the summer and a great deal on a family pass - like $20! We got one and now we are searching for cheap bowling (used) shoes to make it a really terrific cheap family summer activity! I took the kids in January for the first time - I didn't like the provocative teen music videos and it was pretty loud with such a big group, but they had a great time and it is good rainy day exercise!

Monica said...

Looks like a fun day! I just leave the bumpers up when I bowl:) It's a lot more fun that way.

Ruth MacC said...

I have missed out on so much of what has been happening in your family! I had a date with Niall last night. First one in over a year. I realized we were really neglecting one another. We had a voucher for a restaurant someone gave us as a gift so we used that, went out to the beach for an ice cream, found it was too cold so ate it in the car. We finished the night in front of the fire watching a dvd. Finally Sean came home and fell asleep with his head on my lap!

Next month it is Nialls turn to plan a date, however, I might plan a surprise picnic for him. I think I got the idea from your blog a while back...