Friday, January 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

This will be a random blog post, about random things, and even including a random picture. :)

This is about how Indiana looks just now: cold, sometimes gray, a dusting of snow under the trees. It's perfect weather for tea, and toast with honey.

We've had a good week of school. We were here most mornings, and that makes school so much easier. The children are making progress and Rachel is suddenly so interested in practicing the piano! Long may that continue!

Michael is off to Baltimore for a family reunion and memorial service for his uncle. I will miss being with him and the chance to see extended family whom we haven't seen in 9 years. In the mean time I hope to have a pleasant weekend with the children and perhaps even find time for the craft corner and some creating (that may be wishful thinking).

I finally finished my first pair of knitted socks this week! yay! I will post a picture soon.

I discovered that I have apparently been driving our new car around in 4th gear instead of D this past week. I wonder how much damage I've done....

Things in the kitchen are not very exciting. It helps when I have plenty of time to make dinner, but often I limit myself to 30 minutes, and that feels rushed. Tonight Uncle Bill is coming to make tacos -- from scratch! I'm sure I'll take pictures.

David likes to be known as "Guy."

Rachel and Andrew have been practicing Frog and Toad shows all week. The songs run continually through my head: "I'm the snail, with the mail, I deliver without fail....."

I'm engrossed in a book about literary London. I need to type up my Top Ten books from last year.

On my to-do list for this week: mending, finances, thank you notes, picture back-up, and photo-ordering. How much of this will be forwarded to next week? I'm not yet sure. However, I have accomplished the ironing and the errand-running.

I'm going to start trying to get James to be dry at night. Lightening McQueen (is that the right spelling?) shoes will be an inspiration.

I'm still thinking about the captivating movie (North & South) I watched this week: review to follow soon.

Well, I better stop, and go work on one of those items from my to-do list. The kids are on the computer for their weekly allotment of time and it's "my chance."


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

My daughter and I watched North & South when she visited a year ago. Since then, we also (in separate locations) watched Wives & Daughters which is by the same author.

Both were SO good.

Looking forward to reading your best books of last year.

I still plan to e-mail. Haven't done ANY e-mailing lately.

Christine said...
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Rachel L said...

I love North and South. Nicholas is my favourite character. Did you know Cranford is by the same author. Elizabeth Gaskell was a minister's wife too, you know - and her ministry was with the poor in Manchester for some time, I believe, so I guess she had first hand experience. I love North and South - actually I might go and put it on now - looking for something to watch while I knit.
Is your Uncle Bill a chef?
Have a good week!
Rachel L

Lovella said...

Okay .. .you amaze me. . you are so ambitious. . and it is so wonderful to see all you desire to do in your home and with the children .. .
No snow. . .that is so sad. . the children would love that wouldn't they? That would give you a bit of a indoor break.
Hmm, looks like I should take a look at north and south. .

Christine said...

So it sounds like it isn't the 80's mini serries if it is written by Elizabeth Gaskell. I'm going to try to find this one from my library.

Ruth MacC said...

You sound very busy... but normal and that's good:-)