Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Saturday BLAH-G Post

Today seems a rather "Blah" day. Funny, because I have several pretty pictures to show for the day. I think after a week of sick little ones and now a sick husband, I'm just kind of blah myself. :)

I wanted so badly to re-work my mantle for February -- something very Valentine's Day-ish. It takes so much effort to figure something out -- usually 15-20+ tries and tinkerings. I'm glad I don't have to do this everyday! I'm happy with the pink effect.

I let Rachel bake something this afternoon to add variety into the children's day. She chose a lemon swiss roll -- why not? Unfortunately, our pan goes cockeyed in the heat and I forgot that. Thus we ended up with a triangle shape to roll up. The children enjoyed themselves nonetheless.

Rach even had to make the lemon filling:

The four children sat down together for a tea party:

It did get a little wild, but at least they were having fun.

In my spare time I'm putting as much effort as possible into sewing a collection of spring purses.

It's been lots of fun, and I hope they will be ready to show (and sell) soon! I love all the flowers!

Well, church has had to be cancelled for tomorrow as Michael will not be well enough to preach. Some of the children are still contagious, so I think we'll just stay put and listen to a service online, as I did when I was ill. Monday will be a new week, a new day, and maybe a fresh, clean start. :)


Monica said...

So sorry that Michael is now sick:( Get some rest tomorrow. I'm sure you are weary yourself from caring for everyone this week.

You're mantle looks so pretty and spring like.

Lovella said...

Oh Heather. ..I pray that all will be well in your household soon. . .
YOur pictures of the tea party are darling. . and your valentine display ..and the yummy lemon roll. . all so lovely.

Lovella said...

Oh .. .and the purses. . I couldn't remember what the last thing was. .but they are so pretty. . I'll be back to take another look. . .

willow said...

Hope you'll all be feeling better soon. Your pink mantlepiece looks very spring like. Its turned cold here and snow is forecast tonight so at the moment spring seems a bit distant.

Christina said...

I LOVE your mantle! Wish I was there for tea time -- miss you all. Can't wait until you all are better.