Monday, January 19, 2009

Out for a Walk

Since our weather has "warmed up" I thought it would be our chance to take a nice, winter walk:

And see what our flora and fauna were looking like with their winter decorations:

Michael suggested it would make a good family outing:

There's nothing like getting out into nature. It always refreshes me and aids in washing away those things that weigh on my mind and heart.

The kids enjoyed themselves, mostly, until the very end when the wind got cold.

At that point it was time to hightail it toward home and get out the hot chocolate:

I think we're good on walks for a bit longer now, but it was worth braving the cold!


willow said...

That looks like a perfect winter walk. I agree with you about walks in the countryside, refreshing is a good description.

The syders said...

Oh My...Heather your walks look beautiful too...just a different kind of view to mine but just as lovely all the same!