Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New To Us

With all the busyness surrounding the holidays, I have not yet posted on our new addition!

After waiting, looking, and praying about a new-to-us car for most of the year, we finally bought one the day after Christmas. It is a 2005 Toyota Sienna:

We are all so happy and relieved to be driving around in a vehicle that is not likely to break down at any moment. We are so thankful for God's provision and thankful too for the years that our Villager served us since our move back to the States.


Monica said...

Wonderful! It's pretty incredible how much peace of mind there is to driving a newer car.

So are you a two car family now?

Lovella said...

How great to have transportation that is reliable. . Nice choice on colour too. .
Oh. . and your new years party looks great. . I love the little party dress. . so darling.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Looks like a nice van!