Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration

How can I not blog about today's events! I hadn't planned to blog about the inauguration, but sitting in front of the television, it suddenly became non-optional.

Yes, that's a real television in our front room. A friend loaned us one so we could watch this historic event. Here we are:

I have fond memories of watching inaugurations as a child, and I wanted my children to have that same connection with their country: to see the drama and protocol an event like this exudes, to put faces with names they hear talked about during the week, and to begin to get an understanding of our political process.

No, I didn't vote for Obama, but I still share the excitement of the rest of the nation in having a black man in the White House! How incredible. (And I think his family is so cute :) ) I sincerely hope that Obama will do a good job and I pray that the issues I disagree with him on will not become as big of a problem as I worry they could.

So back to the pageantry. This is our equivalent of British Royalty and something like the Queen opening Parliament! We even had a few hats on the screen today (did you see George Bush Sr.'s massive fur hat, and the fancy hat the famous singer was wearing?).

I think the inauguration day is a day to be proud to be American. It's a day to soberly think about the ways we need to change and to pray for our country that she would continue to be a nation that stands for truth, freedom, liberty, and life.

May God bless America!


Monica said...

I particularly enjoyed watching the past presidents and wives enter the scene. It was fun to "introduce" them to the kids. I hope this is a "where were you" moment for my children when they are older. So much better to see history in the making from this side rather than from something tragic. Oh, yeah, the hat spurred on quite a bit of conversation, too:)

Mrs J said...

Its seen as an important day over her too! I can understand why it is something to blog about.