Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I figured it was about time I organized my craft closet again as I'm feeling the urge to make a number of things.

Although this picture is dark, perhaps you can see the misshapen shelves and piles of fabric:

Everything came off the shelves and out of boxes. Fabrics for current project ideas were selected and the rest organized.

It feels much better to know, and see, what I have:

Here's the baby cardigan I finished at Knit Night. I'm in love with the fabric behind it -- it is a Laura Ashley skirt I found at Goodwill. Since it is a size 4 there is no feasible way I would ever, ever wear it, but I had to buy it for the fabric. Current thought has it going as a cushion for my chair and a spring purse.

Now, doesn't that look better!

Now that the organizing is done, I need to get back to work on the projects themselves.
Well, the snow is finally falling and some of the children are outside enjoying it! I've got soup to tend to on the burner and a little baby who is feeling unwell. Poor thing.


Christina said...

I love the sweater! Beautiful!

Monica said...

I always get so discouraged in the organizing process when everything is out and it looks like a wreck. But it is so worth it in the end! I look forward to seeing what you create with all of that beautiful material.

Seán MacC said...

Thanks for the visit. Knit night sounds funny! Snowing! I wish I was there when it was snowing.

A Little Bunny said...

so nice to organize craft spaces.. we are moving in about a week to a much bigger space.. i hope to get my sewing machine out again! i look forward to getting of facebook and back to blogging..