Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We woke up to this: 9+ inches of snow!!!! Yay!!! This is a rare treat for us here in Indiana.

You can see how much accumulated on the table overnight:

Several of our neighbors seemed to spend the entire day outside, shoveling, snow-blowing, talking, etc. I think certain of them just love a chance to chat, visit, and use their equipment.
I decided we needed a school "snow day" to enjoy the snow and take things a little easy after several of the kids were sick.
A good hour or more of play in the snow was first on the list, for those who felt up to it. Next came some drawing:

We also had cutting and pasting magazine pictures into journals and an afternoon in mommy's craft closet with sewing machines, needles, material and felt. Books on weather were also a priority.

Emily, stuck home from work, decided to do some long-anticipated baking:

We were all happy to taste her work at teatime:

The children are outside once again and I've got another pot of soup (chicken-noodle) boiling on the stove.


Mrs. E. said...

Didn't your kids do a great job on their drawings?! And teatime looked very yummy! Enjoy that snow!

Rachel L said...

The snow looks so beautiful. I'm sure you must be having fun 'in' it.
Wow! It looks like your children have inherited their grandmother's talent for art - great artwork!
Rachel L

Ruth MacC said...

That baking looks great! I have a friend of Seans here called Rhys and he is enjoying looking at the show. He is just back from Austria with his granny where he was snow boarding, lucky boy.

Hope our family enjoy the snow.


Heather said...

We have a lot of snow here too - we had my dh home from work yesterday! It was a nice treat, but today we thought the roads were clear enough for a play date that we've been waiting 'forever' for - but sadly our guests were still snowed in! The children are loving the snow, but already it is melting!

Christina said...

The kids' drawings are beautiful! They all did such a great job! Snow days are fun! I so wish I had a sled -- I'd go sledding on our "bump" of a hill.

willow said...

It makes me feel cold just looking at your photos. Bad weather is forecast here over the next few days, not too much snow I hope.