Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year with the Family

On New Year's Day we celebrated Christmas with Christina and JK at their house:

There was hot cider
and some lovely appetizers. The meat came from Christina's adventure to the Babushka's store, in which she tried to explain what kind of meat she wanted to make "Bangers and Mash."
First Christina was offered bacon. She then tried another explanation. Finally the Babushka said, "Oh, you want H O T - D O G!" Um. No. Christina decided the best plan of action was to take something for the appetizers and find the sausages elsewhere. Note the mustard -- Christina and Uncle Bill made it (in the vitamix of course) and turned out 5 jars of the stuff!

The table was beautifully laid and appropriate for the new year with chocolate coins scattered:

The cooks:
We began with a Salmon Bisque which everyone adored. Smooth and light with just the right seafood flavor, this would be attractive even to those who aren't so keen on fish. I felt I was eating a high-end clam chowder:

The children had their own table:

Christina had found crackers!

The main course was Bangers and Mash, with 3 types of sausages to enjoy, courtesy of Trader Joes:

Then came the presents. Rachel took me by surprise by knitting (in 2 days!) a beautiful scarf for Auntie C:

All the girls received Cowls from Christina. Mine is affectionately named "The Birthday Cake Cowl":
We also received hand-knit sweaters from Christina. So exciting!!! I don't have a picture of mine, but will take one soon:

A quick little add-in from Christmas: Rachel and Felicity in their matching night-gowns:

Christina knitted Uncle Bill a reversible hat!

Rachel made Auntie C a felted wool teapot for her tree:

We had a long conversation about noses. Who was wearing which dead relative's nose...... We had trouble deciding on this one:

Michael made a bookshelf for JK:

I made silk pillows for Christina (from a Laura Ashley formal skirt found at our favorite thrift store):
Then it was time for the Christmas pudding. We were so disappointed that pictures couldn't capture the incredible light show as the flaming pudding was brought into the darkened dining room. Really amazing!

The pudding was gluten free, but you wouldn't know it! Definately the best pudding I've had. And many of us requested seconds on the pudding, and the hard sauce!

Christmas seems to have stretched out for quite some time this year. Last night Michael and I hosted the annual Couples Party which, I think, brings the festivities to a close for the year. Today I'm taking down the trees, putting Christmas away, and tidying the house. Rachel is cooking a surprise for Auntie Em and Michael is off recycling the Christmas trees at a local park.


Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
With all that good food around, how do you all stay so nice and slim? The Christmas pudding looks a triumph! My grandfather used to make it every year for us at Christmas when I was a child. I loved the wispy, flickering lightshows too, so I can imagine how pretty yours must have looked.
Did you make Rachel's nightgown, and for the doll as well? And the little felt ornament she made is so sweet - what a great idea! You all are so creative and generous to each other. You are blessed!
I'm taking Christmas down (reluctantly) this week too.
Rachel L

Andria said...

Oh, so fun! I loved all the pictures. I miss you all muchly! Happy New Year.

Heather said...

Heather - your pictures are so inspiring! Wonderful food and terrific handmade gifts - you are all wonderfully blessed with creative talents!
I miss Christmas pudding so much, but my recipe is for a 12 cup pudding and when I've tried to half the batch I just ended with an expensive 6 cup brick! I loved hard sauce as a girl, but I think it would be far too sweet for my liver and I now!
Thanks for sharing another glimpse into your precious family's life!

Ruth MacC said...

All the gifts are lovely. Christina was busy wasn't she? The book shelf is realy nice ans also I love the matching night dresses:-)

What about your poor uncle, cooking again!!!

Carla Quigley said...

What a talented family! You guys have made so many impressive things! I especially love the reversible hat Rach made and your silk cushions! x