Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Review -- In the Footsteps of Paul

Here is my latest book review for Thomas Nelson:

In the Footsteps of Paul is a delightful, photo-filled book which documents in 176 pages the journey of the apostle Paul from his birthplace in Tarsus through his conversion on the road to Damascus, his subsequent missionary journeys throughout Asia Minor and Europe, to his death many years later in Rome.

Ken Duncan, a renowned photographer, has captured these scenes from Paul’s life with beautiful and artistic photos. Paired with Scriptures, quotes from well-known pastors and leaders, and short notes of explanation, the photos give us an informative, though brief, biography of the apostle Paul.

This book would make an ideal gift book and is perfect for coffee tables. It would be a wonderful book for Christian waiting rooms, counseling offices, pastor’s offices, or as a reference book for a Bible study group studying the life of Paul or any of his writings.

Having travelled to many of theses places myself, I can attest to the excellent job Duncan has done in capturing the beauty and feel of these locations which include many, many places in Palestine, Cyprus, Asia minor, Greece and Rome.

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