Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Catching Up

It seems like I haven't recently written a post catching you up on our life. We had a quieter week last week, which was good since I was fighting off a cold. I decided to forget going grocery shopping and just eat what we had around. It worked out okay. I got the freezers cleaned out and organized and found some interesting things to eat. We were pretty desperate for fresh green veg and fruit by the end of the week.

The craziest food invention of the week was taking a large bag of dried pears, dried so hard they were impossible to eat, and turning them into pear butter. It was easy. I put all the pears in a big pot with water and simmered them for a few hours. Dumped into the vitamix with a bit of sugar and some spices and out it came looking just like apple butter. Now we have jars, and jars, and jars of this stuff.

My Christmas Cactus is playing catch up too -- wasn't it supposed to bloom at Christmas?!

I hear we are to have warmer weather at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to that! A few good walks will be in order and some fresh air wafting through the house.
I took a friend and her two little ones to the airport this morning. It awoke in me those longings to travel -- that excitement of going somewhere, seeing new things, of high adventure. When we came home prematurely from Uganda when I was 14 I longed to go overseas again. We would drive past O'Hare airport and I would watch the planes overhead and wish for my turn to travel. It was 5 years before that time came. It seemed forever to me.
I'm very anxious to start on my next craft project -- sewing some tea cozies for my Etsy store. Every day I try to get finished with my housework and deskwork, but I never seem to get done in time to head to the sewing closet. One day it will happen.....
Our week looks busy. One or all of us will be out 3 evenings. We have homeschool group as well. I suppose busy is nice, especially when it follows a quieter week.
I did go food shopping today, so we have things to eat like apples and bananas and fresh veggies. My mom was here and made some homemade bread. Yum! yum! It doesn't take long for a family of our size to gobble through a loaf, or two.
Well, it's time for me to do a bit of exercise and then go work with the kids on school. Can anyone advise me on how to get blogger to take my paragraph marks? It's forever lumping my paragraphs into one and I don't know what to do!


Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
I know what it's like to find those precious minutes at the end of day for sewing. I have a dress for Meredith half finished that has been in my cupboard since before Christmas!
I know where you can come for your next trip overseas! ;o)
I thought you may be interested in this knitting project that the lady who writes one of my favourite blogs is doing. Here's the link:
It's for a Shaker-style blanket. She has a picture of it on her blog. I'm going to join it and do it as I'd tried to make one of these last year on my own and it turned out a disaster!
I enjoyed catching up on your doings. We had our first outing today with Alice to the garden nursery after planning my day around it, and setting the time aside, and I didn't buy one thing because Theodore fell in the mud, and I had to pack them all back in the car and head home, leaving a wheelbarrow full of plants! I'm sure I'll laugh about it when I'm 80!

Ruth MacC said...

Hello Heather,
seems like ages since I dropped over. I haven't a clue about your computer problem. I hope somebody can help you.