Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Scene -- #4

Even the pastor wears green -- You can't see how green this shirt is from this photo, but it's a nice, bright sage green -- perfect for spring. And, I saw that faint haze of green on a few bushes today as I drove past in the car. No matter the return to cooler weather, spring will be making forward steps now!


Heather said...

My husband has a wonderful sage green shirt that he looks so handsome it - it brings out the hazel in his eyes! Green is such a wonderful color (here I sit in a sage green long sleeve t-shirt and a sage green check linen hoodie in my sage green front room ...!) We had a few hours of sunshine yesterday and now the grass is just showing hints of green! Yeah for green!

Lovella said...

I like the green.
I have to say here, when we heard the tragic news of the pastor that was attacked. . I immediately thought of you .. .and quickly scrambled my brain to think where it was that you lived. . .and then I remembered and was so thankful that though. . it was tragic for some dear souls. . it wasn't for one dear soul that I know. .and care for.