Saturday, March 7, 2009

First Picnic of the Year

The weather has taken a turn for the better!!!! Yay!!! We can go outside, open the windows, breathe in that fresh spring scent.

Yesterday a picnic was in order!

We have a pond near our house with a rustic-looking shelter. The kids love to play in the woods surrounding the pond.
David was certainly enjoying himself:

Collecting stones:
Finding bits and pieces:

We're wondering if our pond now houses a beaver! We saw possible evidence in a number of places:

Half way through our visit we heard a terrific honking noise and saw a bunch of Canada geese arrive at the pond. I think we might have another nest this year!

I did convince the children to finally eat:

At which point the geese decided to swim to our side of the pond. I was just glad they didn't decide to hop up the bank and bully us.

The kids discovered a deer skeleton, which they were pretty excited about (I'll spare you the picture) and had all kinds of fun playing in the woods. Oh to be a carefree child prancing about in the brush:

As we turned to leave, look what we saw -- how cute!!

The forecast says we'll be enjoying this warm weather at least for another 4 days. I can't wait!


Heather said...

What a wonderful day with the children - what blessed memories they will share as they grow of these special times! I am so glad that you are blessed with good health these days and the sense to enjoy the gift of God as they come along, even when other circumstances are trying. Your pictures are breathtaking - and I just love the geese in a row! We have been bullied by Canada geese on a picnic or two and have decided that the best thing to do is just run about with our arms over our heads ( looking really big) and shouting like banshees until they take the hint and move on! We may look foolish, but picnics are rare, and stolen sandwiches, while long remembered, never fill up hungry tummies!

Seán MacC said...

hi, thanks for your visit. I finally got a part in the movie. That's why I did the project.

The shed was cool.

It was a pity that there is no photo of the dead deer!

SEAN ;-0

Mrs J said...

Cute pictures. The children even look warm!

The syders said...

What a beautiful family you have...lovely blog entry and pictures!

Karen Reyburn said...

i love the photo of is it david, or james, standing alone in the woods. very quiet and reflective - which is funny considering that they probably barely stand still!!

Carla Quigley said...

Oh that pond and the shelter looks truly beautiful! I love your photography, you're so talented at capturing the moment!