Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Green Scene -- #8

My Wardrobe -- Green definately appears frequently in my wardrobe (and in my little collection of purses). It's funny, since I never really liked green growing up, or as a teenager. Now green is on the walls of my kitchen, dining room and bedroom, and a prominent feature in my wardrobe (it's become my favorite color).
I do believe the brown grass is beginning to green up. Hooray for spring! I'm on the way to the farm today, to pick up milk.


The syders said...

My school uniform was bottle green from the age of 5 - 16 so for years avoided anything that had any green in it...Although now its one of my fav colors...funny how taste changes as you get older.

Lovella said...

Heather. I love green too. .on Sunday I noticed that my grass green handbag, clashed with my kelly green hoodie. . oh dear ..

Walking through the little shops here I saw some pretty felted handbags. . and thought of you ..don't you just love how blogging connections make us feel connected . wherever we go .. .and whatever we do?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I can't stop buying green, painting green, green green green...add pink in spring, brown or orange in fall, aqua in summer. Love the stuff, oh, and peridot jewelry too!