Thursday, March 26, 2009

From the Farm

It was my turn to take some Kristin Nicholas pictures yesterday when I went to the farm.

The sheep weren't quite sure about me, but the lambs didn't mind scampering over for a little chat:

They sure were cute!

We had a nice little conversation, with plenty of ma's on their part.

Then I went to see the cows. I just loved this view. It makes me think of my childhood and my earliest years in Vermont -- the blue silos, the musky smell of cows (not too strong) and that earthy smell of spring.

The cows have decided to strike until they get to greener pastures. I guess they're tired of winter silage. The result: I came home with only 1/2 our shares.

Maybe next week will be better.

There were a few cows who thought I didn't belong.

I couldn't tell if these were llamas or alpacas. Maybe Christina will know.

Do you see what this goat is trying to do! I'm glad I caught him in time!

We still have a few invalids. Two of the boys managed to join me for homeschool co-op today. The sun is out and the temperature is warm enough to have the heat off! Spring cleaning is making a bit of progress.


Heather said...

I'm glad the flu is finally making an exit! Whew! you've had a long go with it! The hacking cough part is what hung on longest here, but we have enjoyed a well week and we are praising the Lord!

The goat nibbling on your felted wool purse really cracked me up! Too funny! At least she has good taste!

It reminded me of an incident at the local zoo when a giraffe ate our boy's hat and than drooled all over him - he was mortified!

Your pictures are fantastic! Do stay well!

Laura said...

I love the farm are right...Vermont :).... and spring on a farm is full of smells... the pictures inspire me to paint :)!!!

I love Sues party pics...that was a great time...thanks for being a part of it. :)... my favorite pic.. was Rachel looking at the cake !!!

love ya