Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Life, Recently

It seems there are a number of things I've been wanting to blog about and haven't yet. Andrew recently completed a little quilt. He sewed the top together on the sewing machine and I helped him to bind it together. He really enjoyed this project and kindly gave the quilt to Rachel for her doll:

Our Knit Night was a success last week with 9 of us in attendance. Three ladies learned to knit and we are looking forward to next month already:

Goodwill had their 50% off sale on Saturday. I was there, bright and early but hardly found a thing at the first store. Later on in the day Christina and I found a great selection of sweaters for crafting and I found one treasure to wear: a vintage Peck & Peck Fifth Avenue orange wool cardigan. I love it!

Here are the sweaters I found to unravel and turn into yarn for knitting!

The selection includes a cashmere and cotton blend, cotton in gray, thin pink wool, chunky pink and white mix, a lovely merino in cream as well as some acrylic in gray from Gap, which I think will still make something nice.

We had a whirlwind visit from Daniel & Crystal and Kyleigh and Micah & Molly (Daniel and Micah are Michael's brothers) on Friday night. It was nice for the cousins to see each other:

Christina and I had a delightful time on Saturday with the Chinese ladies. They were lovely Christian women and we enjoyed getting to know them over brunch before Christina started in on the knitting lesson.

Everyone picked it up quite quickly and most everyone had several rows completed on their cowls before we left.

Just getting started:

The boys are all at various stages of the respitory flu. Rachel may be just getting the flu. We'll see how our week progresses!


Christina said...

Still envious of that orange sweater! =) It's quite the find! =) Oh, well, that's what sisters are for -- right? Borrowing clothes? =) Actually, I think I might knit myself a duplicate. I just LOVE it!

Thanks for coming with me Sat -- you're such a wonderful big sis!

Laura said...

Bravo Andrew!!!! super job!! I am so proud of you!!! . Love your blogs H.... the Spring tea.great tradition!!!! wish I was there..:).

I will have to save all my stamps...and try to find more resources... I know of one I see each week.:)...

love you

Monica said...

I am so impressed with your son! Good work! And that sweater was made for you. Looks lovely.